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Shattering Throw
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Author:  Delux [ Wed May 19, 2010 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Shattering Throw

Shattering Throw: The Best Ability you’re Not Using ... not-using/

Author:  hnanako [ Wed May 19, 2010 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattering Throw

I used that alot for adds that have to die quick or when i didnt have time to sunder. XT heartbreaker, Yogg brain room, FC in ToC, Anub heroic to not have to do a third ice phase, etc.

its mainly hardmode stuff that its used for since regular fights enrages aren't really an issue. definitely something worth having on your bar though for any warrior spec. I have macros for stance dancing for it in both my fury and prot spec.

Author:  Delux [ Wed May 19, 2010 11:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattering Throw

I can think of many places to use this in ICC with all the tank swaps. There is no reason to not use it if you can use it at a safe time, and get enough rage back to continue tanking.

If you are a DPS warrior, you should use it also, they don't stack together, but we can do multiple buffs with it. We usually run heavy melee groups, it will be a nice increase in DPS.

Its an overall raid DPS increase.. I can't imagine why we wouldn't use it.

Author:  hnanako [ Wed May 19, 2010 2:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattering Throw

To me Shattering for major fights should be used to beat an enrage or recover if we fall behind. for example if we have bad placement before a slime we use this to help catch up and get back on track. I would be happy to use during critical phases. Probably during bloodlust on most fights.

If we are going to look into min/maxing our raid dps on everything in preparation for hardmodes, then we need to look into Expose Armour which is much better for the major armour debuff than sunder on mobs that don't last a long time. Lets use PP slimes as an example.

This assumes that a slime lasts around 15ish seconds worth of engaged combat. when the green first drops its about 5 seconds, then we should have them killed within another 10. or with the brown we should just have it dead in that amount of time.

Sunder Armour - 6.0 Second application Time. Instant, takes 5 applications to get up to full stacks by either a tank or dps warrior. This translates into 6 seconds after engaging the mob that a full stack is up. (tanks can use glyph of devestate to get double applications and knock it down to 3.0s, but there are so many better glyphs for tanking that it is a waste of a slot.)

Expose Armour - 1.5-3.0 Second Application Time. 1-2 GCD's to generate 2 combo points depending on procs or if the rogue is Mut then its only 1 GCD, then a single application of expose.

Now on our last PP attempt i was chasing the slimes around putting up Sunders which takes 5 GCDs or 6seconds at which the mob is halfway dead already. When we have an extra tank this works but is only feasible because i charge which makes me get to the mob faster than the rogue would and makes up for the 3seconds extra time.

Now when we dont have a free warrior tank to do that Expose is a much better option since it will be up quicker and the raids damage for those extra 3-4.5 seconds will be more than what the rogue would have lost.

When i have intercept up i can charge the brown one and get stacks up but when we are placed properly under the green one and it drops on us, maximum uptime is Expose.

Now on single target when there isnt a warrior tank, as a dps warrior its much better for me to sunder than the rogue to expose since after the stack is up i can maintain it much easier.(like Grims mob in BP) It is only for quick target changes and adds that Expose is better.

Another thing we can do to maximize dps is wait a few seconds after we engage a mob to Bloodlust. Alot of times when we BL we do it right after a target change or right at the start of the fight. during this time alot of people are putting up debuffs or just starting their rotations (stacking poisons, sunders, scorch) and we dont get full return on the duration of the BL.

Sorry for the wall of text. Im a math guy i theorycraft alot.

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