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Looking like affliction is going to be the way to go
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Author:  Ruby [ Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking like affliction is going to be the way to go

Chaos Bolt - Now does fire damage instead of chaos damage.

So our awesome new 51 pt destro talent:

a) does less damage than SB (though slightly more dps/dpm)
b) has a CD and a cast time (both of which would be acceptable if the spell were better)
c) no longer pierces through barriers (there go my dreams of wtf critting a pally through bubble)
d) can lead to our fire tree being locked (as opposed to nothing in the prev. build)
e) and now that it does regular old fire damage, it's subject to resistances

Pair that with the fact that, imo at least, keeping up dots is more fun than spamming shadowbolt (though I'll admit spamming e is easier than zxceezeexceee...) and haunt and drain life now keep corruption up and haunt heals for 100% damage done, if they could only make dots scale better with gear (specifically haste), affliction would be the best spec ever, and I would stop complaining, because I hate PvP anyway.

The enslave demon nerf when they stated that the doomguard will level with us and CoD WILL summon a doomguard if it does the kb, however, makes me a little sad, but only because I've never summoned a doomguard.

Author:  Willie [ Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking like affliction is going to be the way to go

So are they going to rename it to Fire Bolt then?

CoD is kind of fun when it works, Dessa used to play with it all the time when we were back running MC. The Ritual of Summoning was always funner to play with. For some reason it seemed like 99% of the time it would kill one of our old rogues Thellware if he in the group.

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